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The podcast which involves four people, wine, & a big colourful wheel of conversation. Fun & laughter all the way. You can email us: studio@isnotradio.com. Instagram & Twitter: @IsNotRadio

April 24, 2017

S01E05 - Paging all the aliens, we’d like to make contact

We are joined by Fiona, who finds out what a podcast really is and has nothing to do with a police interview. Steven thinks his butcher is an alien, Daniel confesses how he wound up his boss with his pager, and Natalie discovers her Uber rating, but none of us understand how we got from that to beards and haircuts.

Show Notes
  • 0:00

    Intro. Fiona explains how she learnt what a podcast was.

  • 2:40

    In our first spin of the wheel we talk about pagers

  • 7:10

    Aliens – do they exist?

  • 23:00

    What’s your Uber rating? Then onto beards (We don’t understand how that happened either)


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